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Thirdly, we computed a multiple linear regression analysis of the Tinder use characteristics. Despite its current relevance and growing importance in human relations, Tinder remains a novel phenomenon, requiring more research. The predictors were the three sociodemographic variables plus the Tinder use group. Secondly, we wanted to know why these young people use Tinder, which will facilitate the comparison of Vallejo ck women dating with those of studies carried out in other countries e.

In this line, and given the extension of consensual nonmonogamy as an expanding relational model [ 27 ], it would be interesting to take it a step further and determine the relationship between being a Tinder user and this affective-sexual option.

Then, the Spanish translations were analyzed by two experts in psychological assessment and sexuality research to identify and suggest changes to items that were not clear and understandable. Due to the recent popularization of the phenomenon of dating apps, there are still some gaps in the literature.

They received the same task as the experts in psychological assessment and sexuality research. This instrument SOI-R [ 37 ] has nine items that assess sociosexual orientation on the basis of three dimensions: behavior e. Participants were Spanish university students Besides, Tinder users showed greater sociosexuality than nonusers, as well as increased dissatisfaction with their sex life and sexual preoccupation, and more positive attitudes towards consensual nonmonogamy.

The initial sample comprised participants. The existing literature on motives for using Tinder shows that they vary depending on gender, age, and sexual orientation [ 1017 ]. With this study, we wished to meet a triple goal. Tinder, created inis the most popular and frequently used dating app in the world [ 5 ]. Men and people from sexual minorities use Tinder more to have casual sex, while women and heterosexuals do so in a greater proportion for other reasons [ 9 ].

It would be interesting to analyze this relationship with sexual self-esteem and expand it with the inclusion of other well-being variables, such as satisfaction with sex life or sexual preoccupation. We predicted the usage time, use frequency, of people met, of sexual relationships with Tinder contacts, of romantic relationships, and of friendships by means of sociodemographic information.

Relations among romantic myths, offline dating violence victimization and cyber dating violence victimization in adolescents

In recent years, as a result of the expansion of the use of Tinder, instruments and classifications of motives for its use have proliferated. The same goes for psychosexual well-being [ 1 ].

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For example, in their study with Norwegian university students, Botnen et al. Both the translated and the original versions were given to a bilingual expert in translating psychological and sexological manuscripts to ensure the correspondence between the two versions. It is estimated to be present in nearly countries and has more than 50 million active users, with around 10 million daily users [ 589 ]. The survey remained open for 30 days. After applying these criteria, the final sample included university students Of these participants, Due to the small sample sizes of nonheterosexual groups, those participants were combined into a sexual minority category Regarding the procedure, data were collected in December and January using a Google Forms survey.

Younger customers have fun with the app’ vertisements gamified idea

Importantly, no or very small differences were found in the general emotional well-being-related variables. Thirdly, proximity, as potential couples who are geographically close to the user emerge. Therefore, the scarce existing literature can lead to the conclusion that the role of personality in the use of dating apps is unclear. Sociosexuality is another variable related to the use of Tinder [ 1 ]. In recent years, in parallel to the development and growing popularity of Tinder, the scientific literature on this phenomenon has increased, so studies on usage prevalence and user profile, motives for use, and their relationship with different kinds of variables can be found, as reported by Castro and Barrada [ 10 ] in their systematic review.

For example, the problematic use of Tinder was found to have adverse psychological effects, such as a greater sense of loneliness and dissatisfaction with life [ 2324 ].

1. introduction

Besides, due to the recency of the phenomenon, the existing research is not very broad and has focused on general, and not on very specific, variables. It is difficult to know the prevalence of Tinder use, as the data vary depending on the context of the studies, the groups evaluated, and the sampling technique used. We used the Spanish validation of Barrada et al. For example, Sumter and Vandenbosch [ 13 ] referred to young people using Tinder both for relational e.

Constructing an edgy social experiment

Tinder users are estimated to check the app an average of 11 times a day, investing up to 90 min a day [ 5 ], although these differ depending on sex and sexual orientation, with men and people from sexual minorities being those who use the apps with the most frequency [ 1819 ]. However, the existing literature refutes this stereotype [ 10 ].

Participants responding with a different option from the one requested could be considered distracted.

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Although self-esteem as a predictor and correlate of Tinder use has been studied, although with inconclusive [ 10 ], it was done with general self-esteem. Concerning the TMS, its authors emphasized the adequate reliability and validity of the scale but suggested that it would be important to assess its usefulness and adequacy in other geographical and cultural contexts [ 22 ].

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Subsequently, Sumter et al. Learn More. We used the Spanish adaptation of Roncero et al. On the one hand, we wanted to determine the prevalence and sociodemographic characteristics of Tinder users and Tinder use in a sample of young Spanish university students.

By doing so, the b coefficients of the predictors indicated the expected change in each of the TMS scores for increments of a year of age or differences between men and women and between heterosexual and sexual minority participants. Therefore, this study had a threefold objective: 1 to determine the prevalence and characteristics of Tinder users and Tinder use among young university students; 2 to know why these young people use Tinder; and Vallejo ck women dating to analyze the relationship between Tinder use and different psychosocial correlates positive and negative affect, body satisfaction, sociosexuality, and attitudes towards consensual nonmonogamy and psychosexual well-being self-esteem as a sexual partner, satisfaction with sex life, and preoccupation with sex.

Firstly, we compared Tinder users and nonusers in three sociodemographic variables age, gender, and sexual orientation and the ten psychosexual and psychological measured variables. Fourthly, a similar approach was followed to predict the scores in the TMS. As the metric of these questionnaire scores is not easy to interpret, we standardized them before the regression.

Embedded in the SSS as its sixteenth item and to check whether the participants paid enough attention to the wording of the items, we introduced an item asking the participants to respond to it with strongly disagree. The study of the relationship between Tinder use and certain personality traits e. We asked participants about their gender woman, man, or otherage, and sexual orientation heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or other.

Four inclusion criteria were used: 1 to be studying a university degree at the time of data collection participants excluded2 Vallejo ck women dating be aged between 18 to 26 years, according to criteria from studies with university samples participants excluded [ 152829 ], 3 to label oneself as a woman or a man 12 participants excluded; the small sample size of this group prevented us from incorporating these participants into our analysisand 4 to correctly answer a control question 40 participants excluded; see below.

Fifthly, we estimated the multiple linear regression models for the 10 different psychological and psychosexual variables. It is composed of seven items e. Tinder is the most popular and most used dating app in the world today. Participants provided informed consent after reading the description of the study, where the anonymity of the responses was clearly stated.

This disparity in approaches and data has led some authors to criticize the over-representation of dating app users reported in some studies, making it difficult for researchers to know the reality [ 10 ].

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Castro et al. We used the Spanish adaptation of Sandin et al.

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Orosz et al. Try out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Thus, it seems that Tinder can serve different purposes, among which, the search for casual sex is only one [ 682122 ].

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Finally, the resulting versions were given to two individuals with characteristics similar to the final sample. We used the Spanish adaptation of Soler et al. Additionally, it seems that motivations change as people grow and mature, with direct relationships between age and the search for relationships, both casual and romantic, and inverse relationships with the motives of peer-pressure and self-validation [ 6821 ].

However, the most complete and comprehensive tool for evaluating the motivations for Tinder use is the Tinder motives scale TMS [ 22 ]. Thirdly, we wished to analyze the relationship between Tinder use and different psychosocial correlates positive and negative affect, body satisfaction, sociosexuality, and attitudes towards consensual nonmonogamy and psychosexual well-being self-esteem as a sexual partner, satisfaction with sex life, and sexual preoccupation.

We asked participants if they had used or were using Tinder.

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No changes were made at this phase of the study. First, mobility, which allows the use of the apps in different places, both public and private. The relationship between Tinder use and body satisfaction has been studied. Secondly, we computed a logistic regression model, with the Tinder use group as the criteria and sociodemographic information as the predictors.

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This information, in addition to being novel, can have implications for the work of researchers, clinicians, and prevention professionals because of the relevance that dating apps are acquiring nowadays and their relationship with physical, mental, and relational health. The relevance of physical appearance in dating apps can promote excessive concerns about body image, as well as different negative consequences associated with that concern e.

There is considerable variability in the related to the offline behavior of Tinder users. This instrument CNAS [ 39 ] has eight items to determine how accepting people are of consensual nonmonogamy attitudes e. The real-time location-based dating apps e.

No changes were made at this phase, either. Finally, the visual aspect, because they are specially oriented towards physical appearance, through photos and a brief self-description.

However, the relationship between the moderate and recreational use of Tinder and mood, which could provide relevant information for researchers and clinicians, has not been studied. Only those participants who were current or users of Tinder responded to this questionnaire. For example, Castro et al. Second, immediacy, as notifications and alerts accelerate the time of interactions and allow a greater spontaneity and directness.

It was found that users of this app, as seems logical, tend to have less restrictive sociosexuality, especially those who use it to have casual sex [ 214 ].

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