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We're getting married in July ! To her coworkers Britt is a ray of sunshine: quick to laugh and always looking on the bright side. I went to school to see my friends so I figured I could help other kids in the same boat. Autumn, her husband, Paul, and their three kids lose hours together playing cooperative games that require collaboration. She absolutely bubbles over with enthusiasm talking about the kids in her classroom. In the two years he was with the band he says his favorite performance by far was in a seat theater in Appleton, Wisconsin.

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They frequently pick a single show and then watch all the way through Martina believes in the power of play so deeply that she does whatever she can to incorporate it into her daily life. They also experiment in the kitchen where Martina likes to bake. I help them speak up for themselves. Of the or so board games she swears they own, Autumn prefers the ones with an element of danger. They just go around doing their own thing, not hurting anybody. Her family has literally put down roots in the Pacific Northwest, founding Agate Ridge Vineyard, so we may be in luck and Alex just may be here to stay!

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After spending summers as a lifeguard and swim coach Craig says he loves working with. After deciding at age 7 to take karate classes, she earned her black belt at And after realizing she loves being on the back of a motorcycle, she is determined to learn to ride. I love that! On weekends Erika plays slow-pitch softball with a local team, and never misses a chance to see local live music. Every weekend you can find her looking for a new adventure all over Southern Oregon and beyond.

A second home. E veryone on the Kid Time staff is a little in awe of Ed. From there, Ed worked at a fiberglass shop building boats before starting his own fiberglass company. I get to know them that way. All that togetherness had an impact on her. Everything is wonder to them.

The classes have a huge following and not just of kids; Parents love them, too. After finding his musical talent on the euphonium in elementary school Craig went on to tackle any and all brass and string instruments.

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Sunny Spicer, Executive Director. And he had some valuable guidance during his own years in school. And after graduation Michelle continued her studies at Rogue Community College. I wanted to be that for kids, too. Somewhere in the past couple years Sasha also found time to get married. He was involved in the community and local politics, which meant Sunny, her two brothers and sister were immersed in it, as well.

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By sharing her love of exploration with children, of course! And I can talk to them about manners, about being. And as for her favorite dinosaur?

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The first thing you notice about Alex is her energy. The place where I learned a lot about what I know about the world. It takes some work exciting children these days. The same holds true at home. And just like their dad they all have notable names.

Michelle lights up when she talks about her toddler and says spending all day long with young people at work makes going home to her own little one that much sweeter. It gets the whole body moving. Her return to the states took her to Hawaii where she went back to school and started working in early childhood services. But if you work really hard at it, you can still bring excitement to the classroom and instill a love of learning into.

After graduating from SOU with a communications degree Sunny once again found herself working on campaigns.

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Hood wedding by skiing the mountain in her wedding dress! The native Oregonian has two kids with her husband of more than a decade, and likes to engage with them on their level. She likes walking the dogs, and even encourages the cats to get physical. I like the idea of being able to look past superficiality to the real person underneath.

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Then it became the place I came to interact with the people I cared about, and then the place I came to work. She says she and her husband have been friends since high school but their romance took a long time to blossom. Perhaps it comes as no surprise that Xane is a longtime fan of comic books, specifically Marvel comics and movies, and that both are part of his parenting toolbox.

Add to the chaos the fact that she was raising two small boys her daughter came along later and the pace was unsustainable. But the trombone is his favorite. But years of practice paid off and his music skills earned him a spot at the prestigious Berklee College of Music where he graduated with a degree in Professional Music. To her family, though, Britt has another side: that of a competitor. The process is unique and transformative. As the youngest of eight kids Autumn learned early to listen and observe. Britt Zimmerman, Director of Education. Lucky for the organization, he stayed.

The trip gave her the opportunity to volunteer teaching preschool. The native Ashlander was born to a couple teachers who loved children so much they padded their biological brood with an assortment of adopted and foster. Americorps opened the next door for Connor, landing him at Kid Time as a music teacher and program volunteer in His mom and older brother would often him in watching Star Wars movies in costume!

The North Valley grad grew up watching her mom teach and, eventually, oversee a school as principal. Being a parent also benefits her at work. Being here brought out the kid in me. He then switched from building boats to building houses. Plus, Erika has her own beasts at home. Connor Reese, Director of Museum Education. What does she have to show for all that child-centered focus? I love experiencing that through their eyes! College took her to San Francisco where the avid painter studied media.

Work is also where she finds her friends. The oldest of three kids, Britt was raised in Portland but grew up on Mt. Hood where she started skiing as a toddler.

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She was 15 when she started dating Paul, a fellow high school student. They seem happy. He says the ensuing conversation was the highlight of the tour. As the director of museum education, Connor represents the ideal mix of responsible adult and fun-loving. They are just so genuine and good. At home, Britt and Jake are raising their own students: Paxton, a preschooler, and Nash, a toddler. How does a woman who has literally lived all over the world find happiness returning to her native west coast?

When the show was over, two young girls fascinated by the guitar approached Connor with their father. That same adventurous spirit led Britt to Costa Rica while earning her degree in early childhood education at Southern Oregon University. They explore local parks, play soccer, build with Legos, and get creative with Playdough. Then she found a teaching job in India, and another in Korea, and eventually traveled much of Asia, painting portraits and snapping photos along the way. It made sense that Kristal would choose education.

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In high school, at North Medford High, she worked in childhood development. Autumn has been around a slew of kids her entire life. At the age of 12 he picked up a guitar, and spent the next year struggling to learn to play.

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For now, she loves to spend her free time reading, especially fantasy books about other worlds, and playing fantasy based board games. We know you were wondering! And then, when the bottom fell out of the housing market and Ed found himself adrift, he fortuitously accepted a temporary job with Kid Time.

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Those stories and themes empower kids towards wonder and discovery naturally. Michelle has known since elementary school that she wanted to work with. Being the only female in the house is fine with Britt. All I do is set them on their way.