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Valerie Beck, MD. Maren Boehnke, MD. Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. If you are concerned that your child is missing important milestones or not progressing in school, this is the time to bring it up with their pediatrician.

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So a well child visit is an opportunity for parents to make sure their child is healthy, as well as address concerns about their growth and development. Most states require students to complete a sports physical in order to participate in any school-sanctioned sport. Some pediatricians will vary slightly in their schedules, but the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies get checkups at: 3 to 5 days after birth 1 month old 2 months old 4 months old 6 months old 9 months old 12 months old 15 months old 18 months old 24 months old 30 months old What Is a Well Child Visit?

Pediatrics - Colorado Springs We provide high quality care and offer same day appointments for sick children and babies. Even if a sports physical isn't required, coaches and doctors still highly recommend getting one.

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You can save time by filling out the pediatric patient registration form above and bringing it with you into the office. Visit our Urgent Care. Your family can easily complete a sports physical at our Urgent Care center. Request Appointment.

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Susan Swayne, MD. What Is a Well Baby Visit? Natalie Connolly, MD. Paul Houge, MD. Shabnum Matthews-Vu, MD. Nurse Practitioner. Skip Main Content. Babies and children need regular exams to ensure they receive important preventative care and hit their developmental milestones.

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Added: Mariatheresa Pete - Date: Well Child Visit Billing Information. A sports physical, also known as a pre-participation physical examination PPEdetermines whether or not can safely participate in sports. Need urgent help?

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It depends. Our one priority is to keep your child or teenager healthy and safe.

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You will receive important news and updates from our practice directly to your inbox. Adam Robinson, DO. Andrew Sedillo, MD. Child Psychiatry.

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We're here to deliver all of this care at every stage of development. Should you ever need any of these visits or have concerns about your child, please online or by phone to schedule an appointment!

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When your child is a newborn, these visits will occur much more frequently than when your child is older. Some pediatricians will Pediatricians colorado springs slightly in their schedules, but the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies get checkups at:.

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Sometimes will fail to pass a sports physical, typically due to a recent injury or newly diagnosed illness. So if your child does not pass their sports physical, we will do everything we can to provide the care they need to get back in the game. Pediatric Patient Registration - Basic patient information sheet.

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Thank you for subscribing! Well-child visits happen annually for children ages 2 to They're just like well-baby visits, but for older. During a well baby visit, your pediatrician may:.

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