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Except where otherwise stated, chapter titles and table s are as follows: Ch. A - of Inhabitants tables Ch. B - General Population Characteristics tables Ch. Summary Ch. B, Tables - Full Document [ Alabama Ch. Alaska Ch. American Samoa Ch. Arizona Ch. Arkansas Ch. California Ch. Colorado Ch. Connecticut Ch. Delaware Ch. District of Columbia Ch. Florida Ch. Georgia Ch. Guam Ch. Hawaii Ch. Idaho Ch. Illinois Ch. Indiana Ch. Iowa Ch. Kansas Ch. Kentucky Ch. D, Section 1- Full Document [ It is also used to draw the lines of legislative districts and reapportion the seats each State holds in Congress.

Sex, Race, and Hispanic Origin: Table 4.

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For access to volumes not available, please contact your local Federal Depository Library. It helps the government decide how to distribute funds and assistance to states and localities.

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CPH [1 MB]. Population characteristics : Age 19including voting age persons by race; ancestry; citizenship; class of worker; disability; educational attainment; family type and presence of children; fertility; group quarters; Hispanic origin; household type and relationship; income in ; other income are median income per person, household, family, and nonfamily household ; industry; labor force status, including for persons 16 to 19 years by school enrollment and educational attainment; labor force status inincluding weeks and hours worked; land area; language spoken at home and ability to speak English; marital status; means of transportation to work; migration residence innativity; occupation; period of military service; place of birth; population density; poverty status in ; race; residence in ; school enrollment and type of school; sex; urban, rural, and farm residence persons ; veteran status; workers in family in Housing characteristics : Age of householder; bedrooms six ; condominium status; contract rent; gross rent; Hispanic origin of householder; house heating fuel; household income in ; household type and relationship; householder 65 years and over; kitchen facilities; land area; meals included in rent; mortgage status and selected monthly owner costs; persons per room; persons in unit; persons per unit; plumbing facilities; race of householder; rooms; sewage disposal; source of water; telephone in unit; tenure housing owned or rentedincluding tenure by race and Hispanic origin of householder; units in structure; vacancy characteristics; value; vehicles available; year householder moved into unit; year structure built.

Table 5. The census incorporated an extensive advertising and promotion campaign. Table 2.

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In addition, public relations specialists in the Census Bureau's regional and district offices handled a variety of more localized promotional activities, including obtaining time for public service announcements PSAs from local broadcast outlets, advising census managers on working with the press, partnering with local companies, and serving as liaisons with complete-count committees over 4, complete count committees were organized through out the country in an effort to generate local publicity and support for the census.

Structural and Occupancy Characteristics of Housing: Examining American Household Composition: and Internal Migration of the Older Population: to Migration of Natives and the Foreign Born: to Migration of the Young, Single, and College Educated: to Introduction to Census Data Products - Revised.

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Each bulletin focuses on a question or group of questions appearing on the census questionnaires. The promotion campaign incorporated media advertising, the distribution of information kits to magazines and newspapers and census promotional kits to overschools, and the development of an extensive network of partnerships with corporations and private organizations interested in supporting the census.

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Postal Service delivered a questionnaire to each household 4 days prior to Census Day. Respondents were instructed to complete their questionnaires, but hold them until an enumerator visited the household. Table Table C. These reports provide sample population and housing data for local governments, including American Indian and Alaska Native areas.

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Please update your bookmarks. General Characteristics of Persons: Table 2.

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Land Area and Population Density: Table 6. Structural and Vacancy Characteristics: Table 9.

Census of population and housing

Measuring America: The Decennial Censuses from to Skip to: PHC The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. Profiles of General Demographic Characteristics, Census Bureau. In those areas enumerated conventionally i.

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As a result, the mail census areas for covered Field Enumeration. Households received a questionnaire in the mail, completed it, and mailed it back to their local census district office.

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Enumerators also enumerated individuals living in group quarters. General, Family, and Fertility Characteristics: Table Social Characteristics: Table Labor Force Characteristics: Table Income and Poverty Status in Table Selected Social Characteristics: Table Education and Veteran Status: Table Disability Status: Table Structural Characteristics of Housing Units: Table Equipment and Fuels: Table Homeowner and Rental Financial Characteristics: Table Structural, Plumbing, and Equipment Characteristics: Table Fuels and Equipment Characteristics: Table Homeowner and Renter Characteristics: Table Standard Error De Factors Appendices.

Table 6. The enumerators collected the completed short-form questionnaires or helped the head of the household complete the format the time of the visit, or completed along-form questionnaire at deated housing units. Table 3. The focus of the campaign was to increase public awareness and cooperation with the census, i.

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Table 4. The census helps our communities determine where to build everything from schools to supermarkets, and from homes to hospitals. The census tells us who we are and where we are going as a nation. Table 7. The census also included two small surveys-the Components of Inventory Change Survey, which obtained information on counts and characteristics of the housing units that changed or stayed the same between and ; and the Residential Finance Survey, requesting data on mortgages, shelter costs, selected housing characteristics, and owner characteristics.

Age: Table 3. Table 9.

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Table 8. As part of an agreement with the local governments, Census Day in the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands excluding the commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands was September 15,so teachers could be used as enumerators.

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This series of bulletins shows the questions asked in the census and the answers that you, the American people, gave. The field enumeration procedures were similar to those used in, with the exception of the greatly expanded use of the mail for questionnaire delivery and return.

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Table 1. Introduction to Census Data Products - U. Virgin Islands.

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General Characteristics of Housing Units: Table 8. CPH [2 MB]. The Census Bureau conducts a census of population and housing every 10 years.