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Though more study will help discover reasons for the unprecented in time and year event, a few puzzle pieces stand out. Local Programs. Additional upper level impulses crossed Texas through the 19th, with the final wave exiting the state that day.

Fortunately, some late February sunshine on the 17th and 19th allowed readings to pop into the 50s except along the coast Please. The most costly impacts were to the natural environment. In locations with periods of record dating back to afterold records were shattered by 8 to 15 degrees, including at some locations with more than years of data!

Privacy Policy. Please select one of the following:. In addition, snow and sleet accumulation just north of Deep South Texas was underway on the 14th, which allowed for minimal modification of the true arctic airmass that was headed south.

Arctic blast brings the first widespread killing freeze to the rio grande valley since december

Climate and Past Weather. Another Valley-wide light freeze occurred on the 19th, with a heavy frost along with temperatures in the upper 20s for most ending the event early on the 20th. Current Conditions.

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Summary of Impacts Life in Texas ground to a crawl, or even a halt, as the electric grid became overwhelmed by the unprecedented late season cold and wintry precipitation. The following items tell the tale as of mid March, :. Record "low maximum" temperatures were crushed at even greater differences on the 15th, with populated Valley locations breaking the old records by 14 to 20 degrees! Later reinforcing energy waves from the 16th through 18th reinforced cold temperatures across the Valley, but brought more wintry precipitation from south central Texas to north and east Texas through the period, before clearing arrived late on the 19th and warming followed after a final frozen morning on the 20th.

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For the steering flow pattern animation leftdashed McAllen post dating lines represented upper level disturbances that brought wintry precipitation, surges of frigid air, or both. Across parts of the ranch country, including northern Zapata through northern Kenedy County, temperatures remained at or below freezing for nearly two full days. A strong upper level disturbance, extending from southwest Canada through northwest Mexico, slid eastward late on the 14th and 15th, bringing the seasonally unprecedented surge of frigid air deep into Mexico.

Two key elements on the ground were likely triggers for the intensity and duration of the killing freeze event late February 14 through noon on February 16th. These were wiped out in the freeze, ensuring no fruit. New records were also achieved on the 17th, 19th, and 20th, with smaller departures.

That same snow pack held on through the week, ensuring that cold air would remain entrenched across the Valley. Location Help.

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March started generally positive and slightly warmer than average weather prevailed. A similar, strongly negative phase in January may have previewed the early February freeze and cold snaps through the Great Plains.

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Leading into the killing freeze on the 15th was a period of light freezing rain and sleet, which coated trees and grass but also icing up elevated surfaces, causing more than 50 ro to be temporarily closed. This was evident by the small range of temperatures across most of the region, from the mid to upper teens across the ranches to everywhere else, including on South Padre Island.

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That year, the phase changed on a dime in February, and warm to hot weather arrived in late February. Ina third atmospheric teleconnection ed these two - a brief but strongly negative phase of the Arctic Oscillation. Parts of the region had at least a minor freeze on the 13th through 17th, and again on the 19th and 20th. This gave the entire region a "head start" on the temperature drop. Follow us on Facebook. This was the most since more than 14 million across coastal Texas in December Click on Image for Full Size.

Get Prepared! A warm up finally arrived on the 20th, and would continue through the end of the month. Disclaimer Information Quality Help Glossary. Inthe phase shifted a couple weeks later, not in time to turn the monthly average from negative to positive. Current Hazards. Please try another search. Surface high pressure, reinforced by the presence of the piece of the vortex, oozed into the northern and central Plains, then continued steadily southward, bringing subfreezing temperatures and winter precipitation into north and central Texas around the 10th.

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On the 15th and 16th, new record low temperatures were set everywhere. Each impulse kept the much colder than average air locked in loop below, on the left. Follow us on YouTube. Multiple locations were found.

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Through January, this was indeed the case, as mentioned in the Overview section on the first tab of this report. Should it Continue? For the surface temperatures rightblue colors represent 15 to 25 degree departures from average, and purple colors more than 25 degree departures from mid February averages - in general, based on temperatures at 6 AM and 6 PM central time each day. Data are preliminary as of mid March, Follow us on Twitter. Take the Survey. Final values of each won't be available until later inand this article will be updated to as new estimates arrive.

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The main wave late on February 14th provided both. Assorted record "low maximum" temperatures were also set prior to the big freeze on the 13th and 14th, when temperatures held in the 30s in most areas. News Headlines.

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The citrus crop was in some jeopardy, as at least 50 percent of the crop had begun the spring floral blooms that typically arrive in mid February. Rivers and Lakes.