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Love closed his remarks with a note of encouragement for the diocese. The reation accord was approved by Presiding Bishop Michael B. Curry and by the Hearing Panel, so there will be no further proceedings.

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When the reation takes effect on February 1, every American diocese of the Episcopal Church will have made provision for same-sex marriage under the terms of the compromise reached at the General Convention. William H. Love spared the diocese and the wider Episcopal Church the potential bitterness of debating and imposing a penalty on him.

God has used you to help bless countless lives in our communities and beyond. Later in the day, the Church released a statement confirming the details Love had announced.

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Home Highlight. Under the canons, the diocesan Standing Committee will become the ecclesiastical authority, and will direct the search for a new bishop. Love, 63, will still have voice and vote in the House of Bishops, will be able to perform all the duties of a priest.

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Bishop Curry anticipates a collaborative and respectful transition in episcopal leadership and prays for healing, reconciliation, and mutual flourishing across deeply held theological differences. The accord stipulates that Love will begin a one-month terminal sabbatical on January 1, and his reation will take effect February 1. The convention was live-streamed from Christ the King Center in Greenwich, New York, with only a handful of people physically in attendance.

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The Lord is powerfully present in the Diocese of Albany and will help lead you through the uncertainties of the coming days — if you fix your eyes on Jesus. In Him, we find hope, truth, unity, strength, and peace.

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He could serve as rector of a parish or exercise pastoral care for a conservative parish in a liberal diocese, under the terms of delegated episcopal pastoral oversight DEPO. That compromise, enshrined in Resolution Bintroduced a mechanism for the traditionally minded Communion Partner bishops to transfer oversight of progressive parishes to other bishops, and so preserve their own teaching as normative. A spokesperson said the bishop would have no comment beyond the statement.

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Love could have filed an appeal, touching off a process that might drag on for months.