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Elizabeth Gilbert is sharing her story of newfound love after mourning the death of her partner from cancer last year. The author of the best-selling memoir "Eat, Pray, Love" is hoping that by speaking about her joy over her new relationship, she might be able to help others going through a similar situation.

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TED talk. Until that point, I have been fighting with depressive states, possibly the first identity crisis, and not knowing what to do with myself. After all, I love myself very much. Some might say too much: my year-old ego is known for going out of control on more than one occasion. With all the talk mainly focused on the new young writers who struggle to make their work seen, we forget than success has problems of its own.

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Home Relationships. Love may grow faster in some people than in others.

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For Anne, the revelation that she cannot marry Roy does not come until he proposes. Since I became a vegan three years ago, it has not been all sunshine and soy milk.

By Amy Eley. By Lindsey Weishar.

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AsI related to Anne personally—her dramatics and extreme sensitivity were characteristics I also possessed. Anne, I love you. To her came one of those blinding moments when we realize, as by a blinding flash of illumination, more than all our years have taught us. By not sticking to the head-over-heels romance narratives that Anne loves reading about, Montgomery reveals the transition of mind and heart that makes a deep relationship possible.

Redefining relationships can be painful.

By Patty Breen. This applies to other aspects of life as well. There may be a job, for example, that seems to be a great fit for our particular talents and interests. Diana will no longer be as close to Anne as she is to her husband.

The ideal is not always the best match.

He sends her roses and gives her poetic compliments. To her own confusion, when Anne finds out that Gilbert has been spending time with another woman, she feels jealous. By Emily Lehman.

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For me, the result is a richer story, and one still quite resonant in modern relationships. At first, she feels most comfortable with Gilbert as a friend. Anne is much slower to love Gilbert Blythe—her one true love—than he is to love her.

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Love is a risk, and Anne is able to take that risk freely, to grow and unfold her personality over the course of three books before she accepts a proposal of marriage. I do care a great deal for you as a friend.

By Maggie Niemiec. Redefining relationships can be painful. Most of these proposals leave her perplexed. Therefore, widening our social circles to include those we might not typically consider as a friend or romantic partner might just surprise us.

‘what do you love more than yourself?’

You must never speak of this to me again. By Susanna Parent. Anne begs Gilbert not to propose because in doing so he makes friendship impossible between them—they can never go back to the way things were. Like Anne, he is a romantic at heart. In him, Anne finds her ideal. Anne reminds me of the truth that relationships are messy.

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Lessons from one of classic literature's strongest female heroines. The ideal is not always the best match.

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These famously long novels can teach us that personal growth takes time.