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If you are ending your relationship with your spouse, you may wonder whether legal separation or divorce is the right choice. You may be surprised to learn that the process is virtually the same for both legal actions: both actions sever the financial relationship between the parties and result in an order regarding custody, placement, and child support if the parties have children together.

Dating While Separated In Madison

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This means the court would also have to consider the chances of reconciliation between spouses, which may involve a delay of the case for up to 60 days while the couple attends counseling.

Common law marriage in wisconsin

For example, a family with minor children could mean that the divorce is more expensive, due to child placement, child support, alimony, and property division issues. During the process of legal separation, assets and debts are divided similarly to a divorce process. If the couple reconciles, the court can set aside the judgment of legal separation and revoke legal actions in place relating to property division, child support, and custody. In either situation, to file in a specific WI county, a spouse needs to have been living in that county for 30 days.

Legal separation is typically the best choice for couples that acknowledge that their marriage is broken, but they still consider the possibility of reconciliation. At the end of those 60 days, the court would reconvene to make the decision on which motion to grant. Some employers treat a legal separation the same as a divorce, denying benefits.

Legal separation in wisconsin

When deciding on whether or not you and your spouse should file for legal separation, it is important to be clear on what a legal separation really is, and what it entails for you and your spouse moving forward. This is dependent on whether or not your attorney bills hourly or a flat rate, as well as the family situation.

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The decision to separate rather than divorce is not a simpler decision, only an alternative. Depending on the situation behind the separation, an annulment may be something to talk through with your attorney. Legal separation in Wisconsin allows couples to remain married and maintain the financial advantages of marriage, such as health insurance, but live separate lives, whereas divorce completely dissolves the marriage.

They both financially separate the two spouses, and have orders for custody, placement, and child support. Legal separation is a process that goes through the Wisconsin court system that in a change in the marital status of both spouses.

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This decision may seem straightforward, but, in fact, pooling resources can be complicated. Some couples will remain separated for religious reasons to abide by the religious rules and customs they hold dear in their heart. It's possible to vacate a legal separation simply by filing a revocation of the judgement [2].

Legal separation and divorce actions follow a substantially similar process

What this means practically, even though eligibility starts at 62, if your circumstances allow, delaying your benefits until beyond 62 will allow you to receive more each year you delay until age Many couples save money by filing t tax returns. This means that if you enter into another relationship while separated from your spouse, it is still considered adultery. In the event that a legally separated couple reconciles and makes the decision to reverse the separation judgment, it is possible to reverse a legal separation and return to being a t status couple.

An absolute divorce completely dissolves the marriage. Spousal maintenance, otherwise known as alimony, refers to payment that one spouse provides the other after a divorce is finalized.


In practical terms, spousal support is not tax deductible for the payer, if the separated spouse is living in the same household. This can be done without filing with the court system, and can be handled privately if the spouses can come to an amicable agreement. What this does, in all practicality, is allow the couple to maintain a certain lifestyle. The second option is useful when only one spouse wants to convert the separation into a divorce.

If you are married and decide on separation instead of divorce, you can preserve that right. On the other hand, if a couple decides that they want a divorce after being granted a legal separation, this can be done one of two ways. You are not treated as members of the same household if one of you is preparing to leave the household and does leave no later than 1 month after the date of the payment. In order to file for legal separation, one spouse is required to have been living in a Wisconsin county for 30 days. Under the Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act [3]if you are a military spouse and have been married for 10 years you are eligible for the benefits.

If the couple reconciles, the court can set aside the judgment of legal separation and revoke any orders in place relating to maintenance, child support, and custody. If any assets can be definitively proven to have been kept completely separate from marital assets, those could potentially be kept by the owning party.

Maintaining two separate households is very expensive, at least for most couples. This means that, for purposes of marital property, accruing debt, and filing taxes, the couple is no longer considered to be married.

While a separation does mean that you and your spouse live your lives separately, you are still married in the eyes of the law. Once a couple is divorced, many employer health plans will preclude the coverage of the employee's ex-spouse. This can also be done tly if both spouses are in agreement. In order to reverse a legal separation, you and your spouse dating while separated in Madison both agree to the reversal, and obtain a copy of the original Order of Separation if you do not already have one. Spouses will need to file a summons in order to notify their spouse that an action for divorce or legal separation has been filed.

There are important distinctions that need to be kept in mind when you move forward with legal separation.

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Marriages exceeding 10 years entitle a divorced spouse who did not remarry to social security benefits equal to the greater of the following for the lower wage earning spouse :. They will also need to file a petition in order to commence the filing for divorce or legal separation. Couples may opt to separate in order to continue to file taxes tly and receive military benefits for the spouse.

Physical separation does not change a couples legal status, it is simply the act of moving out of the family home or into separate parts of the family home. It is important to keep in mind that, while you go through the separation, there are steps that need to be taken, and there are definitive things that you should avoid. Legal Separation is a legal process that is similar to divorce. Based on those testimonies, a decision would be made on which motion to grant.

Physical separation is usually a precursor to legal separation, but this is not always the case.

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A copy of the Order of Legal Separation will need to be included, and a filing fee will need to be paid before your motion will be accepted. Wisconsin is a community property state, meaning that all assets, debt, and property will be divided equally between the spouses at the time of the divorce.

Legal separation vs. divorce in wisconsin – what’s the difference?

The summons and petition must be chosen based on whether or not you are filing tly, and whether or not there are minor children involved. These forms can be found on our Wisconsin divorce and legal separation formsor the Wisconsin county court [5] forms website. You will then file the Motion and Order to Vacate at the same court that you had originally filed for separation.

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If you go this route ensure you check the fine print in the employment benefit package. However, while separation leaves the marriage intact, a divorce completely dissolves the legal relationship between the two spouses. When considering the grounds for divorce and legal separation, it's important to note that while the wording is only slightly different, the implication is huge.

The ificance of the date of separation

In the case of legal separation, according to Wisconsin Statute If one spouse were to identify that their marriage was brokenand the other were to identify it to be irretrievably brokenthe court would need to hear testimony from both spouses.

Determining which legal separation forms you will need is the first step to filing for legal separation. Before doing this, be sure to review your local jurisdictions' rules for motions. When legally separated, the couple will remain officially married in the eyes of the law but have legal grounds to continue with their lives separately.

For a legal separation, one spouse will file a formal request with the court. If the judge has not entered the order yet, then you and your spouse are not legally separated at this time and cannot file for a reversal of the order. For instance when spousal support is involved, tax law indicates:.

Divorce in wisconsin faqs

The process can cause a lot of stress on the couple as a whole and as individuals. Payments to your spouse while you are members of the same household are not spousal support if you are legally separated under a decree of divorce or separate maintenance. Due to this law, many people considering divorce, married for seven or eight years, will separate until they cross the year threshold.

Also similar to divorce, there is a day waiting period between the time the action is filed and the final hearing. Spousal maintenance exists to ensure that both spouses can retain their standard of living after the divorce. Legal and physical separation are often confused. Every couple that chooses a legal separation instead of a divorce is not making the decision solely on financial reasons.

A home you formerly shared is considered one household, even if you physically separate yourselves in the home. Wisconsin » Divorce » Legal Separation in Wisconsin. However, while adultery is technically a felony in Wisconsin, it has not been charged sinceand it is not considered in any divorce proceedings because Wisconsin is a no-fault divorce state.

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After the spouses decide on the issues of property division, child custody, and support, the court will issue a judgement of legal dating while separated in Madison. Wisconsin does not have a limit on how long you can maintain your separate status. Legal separation and divorce follow very similar processes. After the separation is final, you and your spouse can purchase property, acquire dept, and contracts as unmarried individuals.

When going through a legal separation, it can be difficult to think clearly. That spouse would then file a petition for conversion. However, in the event of a separation, many times the spouse will be able to maintain the employment benefits of the other spouse. An annulment means that a judge has determined, whether due to information that was unknown at the time of marriage or the mental or physical state of a person at the time of marriage, the marriage never legally existed.

In our experience this works in Wisconsin legally when there is not a maintenance support order and the relationship is still amicable between the two parties. It should be mentioned that when only one spouse wants to pursue conversion, the paperwork cannot be filed until at least one year after the legal separation was granted.

The first option would have the couple convert their legal separation into a divorce through a t stipulation, which is a more simple way that does not require any additional wait time. However, in a divorce, one party must be a legal resident of WI which is established by residing in WI for 6 months.

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Legal separation allows a couple to remain married, maintaining the financial advantages of marriage while being able to live separate lives. In order to start the separation process in Wisconsin, one spouse must file a petition with the circuit court in the county where either you or your spouse lives.

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No matter what reasons you have for wanting to separate, weigh your options carefully and consider consulting with a qualified divorce attorney first.