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Dating freshman year of Lancaster PA, I liked pick lady that like dating freshman year of Lancaster PA

Their dates for the next four years usually looked more like student government meetings, supply runs for events, taking classes, and volunteer projects, but working and learning side by side only strengthened their romance.

Dating Freshman Year Of Lancaster PA

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We also love to eat our way around Lancaster with family and friends regularly. We got married the morning of our residency graduation about a year and a half ago.

Alumni couples

Medicine isn't a job that you can "leave at the office," and on any given day, it's typical that one or both of us will have a patient or two on our mind or heart. Learn about health system news and meet new providers in Progress Notes, Lancaster General Health's provider newsletter. Bradford D. Granger, M. Brad grew up in Southern California, so Pittsburgh was a bit of a shock. Time with our family is the best time of the week.

With different subspecialties, we also have our own neuroses at home. We sat next to each other in class, and Jenn somewhat jokingly asked if Jonathan had gone to Catholic school because his penmanship when trying resembled her dad's when tryingwhich her dad had always attributed to nuns. Progress Notes. Check Your Test View testschedule appointments, or request prescription refills from the convenience of your computer or mobile device. New goal: more date nights.

View testschedule appointments, or request prescription refills from the convenience of your computer or mobile device.

As time progressed, we got to know each other and started dating. We got to know each other initially though working with kids at Schreiber Pediatric as "pool buddies. Mostly Jenn loves watching Jonathan with Jordan, no matter what we're doing. Jonathan Musyt and Jennifer Robertshaw, and their son Jordan, 1.

We love to run, hike and bike with our daughter, who thankfully loves our jogging stroller and hiking backpack. He didn't own a winter coat or a car scraper! Then we ran into each other at a family medicine grand rounds on single payer systems, and we hit it off. After Jenn tried to set up Jonathan with just about every other girl she knew, we started dating.

For Physicians. Conflicting call schedules can make child care a challenge at times, but we are blessed with a lot of family and friends in the Lancaster and greater Philadelphia areas who have been very gracious in helping us with our daughter. Health Care Professionals. We first noticed each other in Anatomy lab because our cadavers were next to each other. See the latest coronavirus and vaccine information.

We have a son, Jordan, who just had his first birthday.

Schedules are always a challenge, as well as long hours at work for Brad. Our second favorite thing to do together is binge-watching shows after Jordan goes to sleep. Condensed See the latest coronavirus and vaccine information.

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Find our contact forms and phone s or give feedback on a recent experience using Care to Share. Pretty nerdy. After medical school, we "couples-matched" for residency in Richmond, Virginia.

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Our favorite trip was a vacation to Italy. Adam loves to go on long road bike excursions outdoors or do spin class indoors.

Not exactly a romantic start, but we did become friends. Learn about the Lancaster General Hospital Emergency Department expansion and related traffic changes. We thank the residency program for hosting our wedding reception.

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Another special treat for us is a movie or Netflix series that our kids will watch with us. Jennifer L. Robertshaw, M. We went to different med schools, but we both took a year off between third and fourth year for an MPH at Jefferson. The challenges of being married to a fellow physician include time, fatigue and perfectionism.

We are looking forward to this summer, when we are planning a trip to Colorado. Adam R. Thode, M. Adam was a few years ahead of Joan, and he organized a community service group that she ed her freshman year. The last year has been consumed with new jobs, new house, new baby. We have two teenagers, Charlie, 15, and Anna, 13, who attend Hempfield schools.

In This Section. He — understandably -- obsesses more about eye safety with household jobs and the use of sunglasses Our daughter has about five pairs.

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. View the latest issue of Progress Notes. The beach is our happy place. Up Now. Pay as Guest. We love to travel and explore new places with our .

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Individually, Joan loves to play the piano and paint with watercolors. We were often in the same small groups because our last names are alphabetically close.

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Subscribe Send Us Feedback. While this can present a challenge, we have empathy for each other because we both understand the multi-dimensionality of caring for patients.

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We married in Y2K, so this year we will celebrate our 18th anniversary. We have been together for 11 years, married for almost six years and now have a toddler daughter. It was an easy decision for us to settle and raise a family here in Lancaster because we have a lot of extended family here.

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We also have a faithful dog, Bailey, and four badly behaved but lovable rescue cats. Planning and looking forward to our vacation sustains us all year. Adam and Joan Thode Adam R. Pay My Bill. After a serious illness, Laura is able to work part-time, which makes life in general much easier for our family.

Celebrating alumni stories of family and love, during the month of february

to MyLGHealth. Adam and Joan Thode. We've participated in a few local running races, though our days of running marathons together ended in med school. Brad Granger and Laura Good. But we share the same priorities and take our jobs as physicians very seriously, so we understand each other's commitment to work. Contact Lancaster General Health Find our contact forms and phone s or give feedback on a recent experience using Care to Share.