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More specifically, you'll learn to describe health and medical concerns to a pharmacist or doctor. The lesson will also go over two key verbs—"avere" and "fare. You'll learn the vocabulary and phrases you need to discuss items such as transportation tickets and their prices. This dynamic course will teach you how to express yourself comfortably in Italian. You'll also be pleased to learn that there are many cognates in Italian. You'll be surprised how quickly and easily you are able to learn Italian in this course, which provides knowledge of practical, everyday words and phrases you are likely to hear if you vacation in Italy.

Bertoldi's proficiency in Italian has earned him university scholarships and a resident academic position in Italy. When you reach your final lesson, you will know how to ask for help, ask directions, navigate Italian shops, book a hotel room, order a meal, and much more! Lesson 3 - Language Essentials This lesson will discuss why, unlike in English, the names of places and things have genders in Italian. By the end of the second lesson, you will have already learned about the Italian language's impact on the world, the Italian alphabet, phonetics, and pronunciation, proper forms of address, expressions of courtesy, and how to make introductions.

No Instructor, Start Anytime. Lesson 2 - Alphabet and Pronunciation In the second lesson, you'll explore the Italian alphabet and phonetics.

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By the end of this lesson, you'll know how ask about and purchase train, boat, or bus tickets, ask about prices and make purchases, and even rent a vehicle while in Italy. By the time you reach the end of this lesson, you'll know how to say "to the right," "to the left," and "straight ahead. Lesson 9 - Navigating Italian Shops Do you plan to make some purchases while in Italy, or take a train, boat, or bus? Lesson 7 - Check the Calendar In this lesson, you'll explore the calendar, learning to ask about and express days and dates.

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Robert Bertoldi has been mastering Italian for the past 25 years, and teaching college-level Italian in the classroom since He holds a Master of Arts in Italian literature, and has taught the language at several universities, colleges, and private language institutions.

In this first lesson, you'll discover that, despite the Italian peninsula's long and rich history, Italy is actually a relatively young nation—much younger than the United States, for example. That's right, all nouns—even inanimate objects—are either masculine or feminine. For additional assistance, visit our Help. Short exercises are included with each lesson to help you reinforce what you've learned and gauge your progress, making it easy to pinpoint areas that you still need to review.

Requirements Requirements:. By the end of this lesson, you'll have a good grasp on some fundamental parts of speech, making it that much easier to put them together and use them. You'll also learn that many Italian words have been adopted into English, including many that you might say or hear on a regular basis—and not just spaghetti, pizza, and biscotti. The instructional materials required for this course are included in enrollment and will be available online.

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You'll practice using all the vocabulary you'll need to order food, whether it's a snack in un bar or an entire four-course meal in una trattoria. Cognates are words that share the same origin with English words, which makes them very easy for you to recognize and master. By the time you finish this lesson, you'll also know how to greet others properly and introduce yourself in Italian. You' will learn what various gestures mean to Italians, which ones to use, and those you should avoid. This lesson will go over how to handle these situations.

Instant Italian Learn to express yourself comfortably in Italian. You'll practice making a phone call to a hotel to ensure you can book your accommodations long before you arrive at your destination. or username and we'll you a link to reset your password. You'll know how to confirm whether your room has air conditioning and Internet service, and if the price includes breakfast.

All of these things should help put you more at ease while traveling.

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By the end of Lesson 7, you'll be able to talk about days and dates, and to ask about and describe the weather. This course will make it simple to master your pronunciation of Italian. You'll practice an authentic dialogue with each to help put you at ease while you're in Italy.

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Cultural notes are included throughout the course to help you better understand Italians and their way of life. By the end of the lesson, you'll know how to tell time and read business schedules in Italian. Thank you. At the end of this lesson, you'll be able to discuss telephone s and addresses, ask and say how much things cost at the bar, and how and where to pay for them.

In the final lesson, you'll become well-versed in the various types of eateries in Italy, the types of meals you can expect to find in them, and how meals are typically served. You'll learn to use the always-handy expression "vorrei", which means "I would like", to request information or items.

Enrollment Options: Instructor-Led. You'll learn to ask and tell the time, and to ask and express key time-relate terms, such as "when," "early," and "late. You'll also learn to ask others to help you by calling the police or an ambulance.

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This course will convince you that learning a language is both fun and rewarding. By combining new vocabulary with elements you've learned in lessons, you'll be able to ask very specific questions about your lodging. Instead, you'll simply change the final vowel. Add to Cart. You'll learn practical, everyday words. In addition to all the practical navigating skills you'll gain in this lesson, you'll also increase your understanding of Italian culture by learning several ways Italians greet one another.

In this lesson, you'll learn to ask and give directions to places, making it easier for you to navigate the country's many historic cities and towns. Lesson 2 - Alphabet and Pronunciation. The audio feature lets you hear the words and phrases spoken aloud with just a click of your mouse. Toggle. Lesson 12 - Dining Out Italy's world-renowned cuisine is as important as its many historical monuments some might say it's even more important!

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Essential words and phrases are written phonetically by using sounds that are familiar to you from English words. His enthusiastic teaching style has earned him the praise of hundreds of students, including fellow language instructors. You'll learn all 21 letters of the Italian alphabet, along with the various sounds they make, whether alone or in combination with one or more other letters.

You'll learn some helpful techniques that make remembering the days of the week and the months of the year much easier. Lesson 10 - Lodging and Accommodations Even before you arrive in Italy, you'll probably need to discuss and book your accommodations, and you'll explore how to do just that in this lesson. If that address exists in our system, you will be receiving a reset shortly.

The dialogues and follow-up exercises of each lesson will teach you to communicate in Italian in a wide variety of settings. Forgot your Password? Because strikes often impact travel, you'll learn how to ask when they'll begin and when they'll end.

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The exercises also give you immediate feedback—you'll know whether you answered correctly as soon as you finish. Lesson 8 - Telling Time, Schedules and Transportation In this lesson, you'll apply the s knowledge you gained in Lesson 6 and 7 to the clock and schedules. Details This dynamic course will teach you how to express yourself comfortably in Italian.

When you reach the end of this lesson, you'll be fully prepared to order a meal at any Italian eatery. In addition, you'll learn five letters that Italian borrows for writing and speaking words that originated in other languages. Close Hidden Field. By the time you finish this lesson, you'll be able to handle virtually any emergency situation in Italian. Search Courses.


Lesson 5 - Getting Around Town While visiting Italy's many spectacular sites, you'll want to be able to ask for assistance. Syllabus Lesson 1 - Basic Greetings. For example, "one spaghetti noodle" is "spaghetti-o," while "spaghetti noodles" is "spaghetti-i.

Lesson 6 - s 1 - s are handy in many daily situations, and in this lesson, you'll learn the s 1 through You'll explore ways you can put these s to practical use by asking and stating phone s, addresses, and bill totals. You'll read, hear, and practice dialogues based on typical situations that you're likely to encounter if you plan to vacation in Italy.

You'll learn how to ask about typical regional or local specialties, and how to say that you'd like to try a particular wine or dish. You'll be surprised by how quickly and easily you can learn many useful expressions in Italian!

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You'll also learn that to pluralize nouns in Italian, you don't add "s" or "es" at the end of the word. With the tools you'll gain in this lesson and some practiceyou'll be able to read and correctly pronounce virtually all words and phrases in Italian. You'll learn to describe the kind of room you're looking for and ask about availability.